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Digital Art Profile with an Apple Pencil and Procreate


Lately I had down time at work, sitting as a stand by airline pilot waiting to get a call to go fly, to fill the hours I was fooling around with my 12” iPad Pro, an Apple Pencil and a painting program called Procreate.  I had been fooling around augmenting CAD renders of the my Jaguar model and decided to do a profile of the Goshawk.  Having been a big fan of the Anime style of cartoons, I chose to do just a simple “cell shaded” drawing. 

If you are interested in how this design was created, the video below was taken from the time lapse movie feature integreted into Procreate.  There are plenty of professionals out there with through product walk throughs and tutorials.  These two channels were very useful to me!  Thanks guys!!

Mike Henry's YouTube Channel 

James Julier's YouTube Channel 

WaterMarkMaster copy.png
NoseCloseUp copy.png
TigerCloseUp copy.png
RivetsCloseUp copy.png

Procreate time lapse video attached, somewhat edited with commentary below.  I didn't every plan a step by step here, just wanted to show off the neat video feature included in Procreate.  

TailCloseUp copy.png


Thanks for watching….now back to the model…. 

Up Next....

Decals or Decals...Tomato, Tomato.

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July 24, 2018